Have you thought about planning a funeral lately?  Chances are, if you have not absolutely had to, then the answer is a resounding no.  However, if the day ever comes that you are forced to undertake this daunting and often heart wrenching task, you will want to know that you are in the capable hands of a provider that understands your needs and is well prepared to meet them.  With over 30 years of experience and dedicated service, Becker Funeral Home has long been a trusted option for many families in the South Lake community and beyond.

A second-generation family business, Becker Funeral Home was established in 1984 by Ron and Marcy Becker and is currently operated by their son, Charles, who assumed ownership in 2004.  From the outset, the company has committed itself to cultivating a meaningful presence in the community through professional engagement and civic activity. Over the years this has led to regular participation by members of the Becker team with local organizations such as the South Lake Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis.

Of course, the company’s primary focus is and has always been on delivering service excellence.  According to owner Charles, “Here at Becker Funeral Home, we believe that every life has a story to tell and we strive to help our families honor the lives of their loved ones in the most personal and meaningful way possible.”  The knowledgeable staff combines deep respect for the history and traditions of the past with practical experience and awareness of emerging trends to guide their families through the planning process.  These efforts have extended beyond organizing and conducting funeral services and into expanding the continuum of care and support that is available to families served as well as the broader local community.

Recently, Becker Funeral Home has undertaken several projects to augment their range of offerings.  Remodeling the common areas of their facility has been a welcome improvement noted by many visitors.  The introduction of a “memory wall” in the lobby has given families a unique opportunity to showcase images and/or messages honoring their loved ones in an engaging manner.  In addition to having four licensed funeral directors, Becker has also created several new beneficial team positions.

Certified Celebrant Jennifer Noack works with families who opt to celebrate life through personalized funeral services that center on sharing the stories of those who have passed.  A few months ago, Emily Long joined the team to serve as a Grief Support Specialist and to engage in community outreach and education.  In response to her new role, Ms. Long said, “There is such opportunity for grief support and education before, in anticipation of, and following the loss of a loved one.  It is an honor to work for Becker Funeral Home, to be a witness to the love these families shared, and to walk with them as they establish a new sense of meaning and hope.”  Ms. Long is a Certified Thanatologist and Aftercare Specialist who has an extended background in end-of-life care, grief, and bereavement.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and to the community.

Indeed, Becker Funeral Home is committed to providing the utmost in compassionate care that meets the individual needs of every family served and that reaches out into the community to offer support and guidance to the bereaved.  So, if ever you do find yourself dealing with the immediate loss of a loved one, walking the journey of grief associated with loss, or perhaps even preplanning your own funeral to ease the future burden on others, it is nice to know that the helpful, capable hands of the team at Becker Funeral Home are just a phone call away.

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