Member Benefits

For many businesses, the thought of adding one more thing to an already busy schedule is overwhelming. So, why should you make time for the South Lake Chamber of Commerce?

  • Added credibility to your business. Consumers are more likely to think your business is more trustworthy, involved in the community, and more of an industry leader than a business that is not a member of the Chamber.
  • Increased visibility in the local community. Your business will be listed in the Chamber’s online business directory and you’ll have access to unique, members only, advertising and sponsorship opportunities to continue to raise awareness of your business.
  • Networking opportunities. As a member, you will have access to many different networking opportunities, which allows you to share your business and what you do with a variety of different members. These connections lead to business referrals which give you an ever-growing customer base.
  • A voice in government. The Chamber supports business interests in the community, both locally and statewide. As a member, you’ll have a voice in government through the Chamber, which advocates on behalf of all of its members.
  • To learn more about what the Chamber can offer your business, contact Shahanaz Rahaman at or 352-394-4191.