The Clermont Youth Council has a heart for the homeless.

The teens serving in the City of Clermont’s program initiated a project to help the local homeless population and recently brought it the finish line.

Members delivered over 250 toiletry-filled care packs to the Clermont Police Department for distribution.

The Clermont Youth Council delivers care packs to the Clermont Police Department for distribution to the homeless.

“These young Champions are a shining example of giving back to the community,” Interim City Manager Susan Dauderis said.

Members Luis Mustafa, Mary Landaberde and Tyler Irby participated, as well as alumnae Kylee Sakur. Over the course of several months, they collected donations. Then, they met to assemble the bags with socks, razors, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoo and this note: “A little helping hand during these trying times, from a community that cares.”

“Some of us know people who are homeless, so this was personal to us,” Landaberde said.

The youth council purchased the drawstring bags using prize money they won from the 2019 Municipal Youth Council Video Competition, sponsored by the Florida League of Cities.

“Using their prize money to help the homeless reflects these teens’ character and selflessness,” Program Sponsor Kathryn Deen said. “We are proud of them and we support their efforts.”

To learn more about the Clermont Youth Council and to apply to join, visit


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