Scott Nethero and Daniel Whitehouse pictured with their winning team from the 2019 Wellness Challenge.

Daniel Whitehouse has participated in the Chamber Wellness for the past four years and shares that, “In the four years of conducting the Chamber Wellness Challenge, it has literally changed lives—mine included. I lived a sedentary life prior to joining the Wellness Challenge in its inaugural year, and the Challenge motivated me to change my poor habits. The ability to work as a team adds comfort and accountability; diet and exercise are always easier to endure among friends! The Challenge also comes with a “healthy dose” of competition among other teams, the Leesburg Chamber, and most importantly, ourselves. The fifth year of the Challenge will be better than ever, and I can’t wait to see what everyone accomplishes.”

Scott Nethero was a first-time participant in 2019 and has signed up for the challenge again in 2020. “I was already on a weight loss journey and really needed something to help take me to the next level,” says Nethero. “The support of my team throughout the challenge gave me the extra push I needed.”

Nethero credits the weekly weigh-ins and team check-ins as the support he needed. “I never wanted to let my team down during the challenge. Yes, this was for me, but it was also for my team and helping us get to the top.”

Registration for the 2020 Wellness Challenge is open until Feb. 19. Participants can register as an individual, or like Nethero and Whitehouse, as part of a team.

Participants receive:
• A twelve week membership to the National Training Center
• Free lipid profile and body fat percentage screenings
• Access to free weekly weigh-ins
• Motivational emails with healthy tips and meal planning options
• A free ticket to the June Chamber Breakfast where we will celebrate the top achieving teams and individuals
• Access to weekly prize drawings

The cost to join is only $100 per person and registration can be found on the Chamber website.

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