Three years ago members of the South Lake Business Leaders adopted Lili and her family through the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation during the holiday season. On Sept. 26 with the Kiwanis Club of South Lake, the group had a prayer and healing bench along with a butterfly plaque of Lili’s art installed at Kiwanas Park in Clermon in her memory and honor.

Renee Lowe shared these words with her family at the dedication:

Lili was a beautiful 10-year old that battled childhood cancer from May 2013 – September 2018. Having gone through more than 25 months of chemo and 60 radiation treatments and major surgery. We have learned as parents to keep fighting no matter what happens.

In May 2018 we were in the hospital with Lili, the doctors had told us that we can go home with hospice, there is nothing more they can do. Lili made this drawing on a paper and we had put it up on the hospital door and its also on her bedroom door now. Its motivation for us to move forward. Lili did not complain of what she had to go through over the years, she fought like a true warrior.

Lili enjoyed life, she loved dolphins, horses, to travel and to spend time with family, she loved to bake, and also help kids who are battling. During the summer of 2018, she had a child life specialist asked Lili what she would like to do because of the tumor? Scream? Punch a bag? Yell? Lili just said, “I want to do something good.” While Lili was in the hospital in May she went around to the other kid’s room and brought them water beads…they were really happy.

Lili’s wish is to give hope and to find a cure for childhood cancer. We continue her wish to help other families who have been battling cancer or greaving after a loss.

We are thankful that we can honor Lili’s wish to do something good with this prayer bench. Thank you to all that made this possible.

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