Samantha Upham is a teacher at a Montessori school and while attending a family reunion, found out her cousin (whom she had never met) was pregnant. Upon learning the baby had been born and was addicted to drugs, Samantha went to visit Harmony Grace in the hospital. Samantha never left the side of Harmony. She was with the newborn every day helping to care for and love the little girl. Sammy has taken a leave of absence from work so she can be home with the baby every day
After a few weeks, Harmony went home with Samantha and her husband and they are in the process of adopting the newborn. When presenting Samantha with her plaque, I told her she is the light at the end of a tunnel that we all need to look toward and appreciate. She and her kind heart are exactly what and who we want to celebrate and we could not have been more proud to present her with a Random Act of Kindness/BBQ! She and her husband are the definition of the word selfless.

Her RABBQ was attended by her mother and father along with some of her coworkers.

The nominator is Alana who says Samantha is an Angel and one of the best and most caring people she has ever met.

The entire team in Clermont, FL was inspired by this story as we all were. We all took time to reflect. This story definitely reminds us that there are good people in this world.

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