SECO Energy Trustee Morgan Hatfield Earns Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate

September 29, 2021 – SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees District 9 Trustee Morgan Hatfield has earned her Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) Certificate from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Achieving the CCD certificate is the initial step in the NRECA’s Director Education Program.

According to the NRECA, directors/trustees seeking the CCD certification must complete five courses that focus on basic cooperative governance and the essential skills needed for cooperative directors/trustees. The CCD prepares directors/trustees to fulfill their fiduciary duty as elected officials serving on behalf of their membership. Upon completion of the five CCD required courses, directors/trustees are awarded the Credential Cooperative Director Certificate.

SECO Energy is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, operated for and owned by its members. SECO’s nine-member Board of Trustees consists of members who live in SECO’s service area. They are elected to oversee the governance of the cooperative. Each Trustee on the Board is elected by the members who reside in his/her District. Collectively, the Trustees are responsible for establishing, reviewing and revising corporate policies to ensure that SECO continues to preserve reliable, affordable service for all members.

Trustee Hatfield is proud of her accomplishment in earning the Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate through the NRECA. Ms. Hatfield stated, “I am proud to have completed the first part of the NRECA’s Director Education Program by completing my Credentialed Cooperative Director certification. It’s an honor to serve as the District 9 representative on SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees, and I look forward to continuing my Board education through the NRECA.”

CEO Jim Duncan stated, “Congratulations, Trustee Hatfield, on earning your Credentialed Cooperative Director Certification as a major part completing the NRECA’s Director Education Program. I am thankful for your Board service and willingness to serve as your District’s representative on the SECO Energy Board of Trustees.”

To view a brief bio of SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees and a District boundaries map, visit>Your Co-op>Board of Trustees. “Like” SECO’s Facebook page and “follow” @SECOEnergy on Twitter for news releases and cooperative updates.

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