July 27, 2022 – SECO Energy congratulates Board of Trustees Secretary/Treasurer and District 2 Trustee
Joyce Anderson on her successful completion of the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association’s
(NRECA) Director Gold Credential (DGC). The DGC offers a continuing education path for
directors/trustees beyond the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) and Board Leadership Certificate

According to the NRECA, the Director Gold Credential recognizes directors/trustees who desire a tangible
credential that demonstrates their ongoing commitment to advancing their knowledge and performing
their fiduciary duty to the best of their ability.

SECO Energy is a not-for-profit electric cooperative operated for and owned by its members. SECO’s
nine-member Board of Trustees consists of members who live in SECO’s service area. Trustees are
elected to oversee the governance of the cooperative. Each Trustee on SECO Energy’s Board is elected
by the members who reside in his/her District. Collectively, the Trustees are responsible for establishing,
reviewing and revising corporate policies to ensure that SECO continues to preserve reliable, affordable
service for all members.

Trustee Anderson resides in Sumterville and was first elected to the SECO Energy Board of Trustees in
February 2020. Ms. Anderson currently serves as the Board of Trustees Secretary/Treasurer and has
been a SECO member since 2017.

Trustee Anderson stated, “Completing the Director Gold Credential from the NRECA is an educational
accomplishment that I am proud to hold. The NRECA’s Director/Trustee coursework has helped me carry
out my role on the SECO Energy Board of Trustees. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my fellow
SECO Energy members and my fellow District 2 members and the membership at large through my Board

SECO Energy CEO Curtis Wynn congratulated Trustee Anderson on her educational achievement. Mr.
Wynn stated, “Congratulations, Mrs. Anderson, on achieving an educational milestone in earning the
Director Gold Credential from the NRECA. SECO Energy thanks you for your commitment to enhancing
your energy industry knowledge and putting your skills to work on the Board of Trustees. You and your Board peers are an integral piece of the not-for-profit electric cooperative business model – thank you
for your collective service to the SECO Energy membership.”

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