SCAM ALERT: Lake County Clerk warns residents of jury duty payment scam

TAVARES, FL — The Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller’s Office is warning residents of
fraudulent calls being made that claim payment must be made to avoid being arrested for missed jury duty.

The callers may be identifying themselves as a representative of the Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement agency, or as an
employee of the Clerk’s Office. In many instances, the callers will ask for payment by prepaid charge or debit cards.

“Our office would never reach out by phone if you missed jury duty, and certainly would not demand any form of payment be made,” said Gary Cooney, Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller. “You cannot be required to pay a fine without having a hearing in front of a Judge, and a Judge ordering a fine be imposed.”

If a resident does not report to jury duty, they will be contacted by an official letter from the Lake County Clerk’s Office. If a letter or a call is received that demands a payment be made for missed jury duty, it is advised that you end the call immediately, and report the incident to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 343-2101 or the Florida Office of the Attorney General at 866-9NO-SCAM (866-966-7226).

If you have questions related to a jury summons or jury duty in Lake County, call the Clerk’s Office at 352-

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