Primary Partners knows that during the current times it is not easy to keep businesses open while ensuring safe health and financial stability for the people we work with. The best way to keep our businesses healthy is to keep our employees and the community we serve healthy, which is why they have launched a brand new program called Primary Partners Direct Care that improves employee health, reduces absenteeism and unnecessary health care expenditures.

The physicians at Primary Partners directly heard individual and employer struggles regarding easy access for health needs and frustration with escalating health costs. They have heard employers needed to cut back by either discontinuing health insurance benefits or having to implement high deductible health plans or high copays for primary care visits or provide a stipend for employees to purchase their own insurance on the health exchange. This results in patients delaying or avoiding basic care that leads to unnecessary and expensive health complications and work absenteeism.

As small business owner physicians, who are recognized as Florida’s #1 ACO Quality of Care Provider and one of Florida’s four lowest in Cost of Total Care Provider, they have a solution. Their solution is a program with a fixed monthly membership fee that provides 24/7 unlimited primary care services with in-person, telephone and video visits with physicians in your community. There are no co-pays, no deductibles, or coinsurance – encouraging employees to access care any time, often avoiding the need to leave work and providing the opportunity to identify and treat health issues early. Although not a replacement for insurance, combined with a high deductible plan, its care at the right time and right place regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Apart from reducing healthcare benefit costs, the program can help employers create a healthier workforce, lower workplace accidents and injuries, and increase productivity. It provides employers an affordable option to offer healthcare benefits or add value to their current benefits to improve recruitment and retention. Employers can offer this program to their employees and can contribute a fixed amount towards any membership plan and let their employees be responsible for the balance if any or if your company does not offer health benefits to your employees you can provide this as a benefit they can purchase directly.

This program is not just offered as an employee benefit, it is also offered to individuals and families. The subscription offers all of the above benefits at a low monthly cost. Please visit to learn about all of the benefits offered and to see pricing information.

Contact Primary Partners to discuss how they can help solve your employee and individual health needs at more affordable costs. You can reach them at 352-702-9642 or via email at

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