Pig on the Pond Community Festival, presented by AdventHealth and the City of Clermont, is the biggest-attended event in South Lake. But it’s importance to the community goes far beyond the three-day fun and food. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to expose their brand to a wide demographic in a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s also a beloved tradition that is a part of many family’s memories. Of course, the mission is to provide four-year scholarships for four south Lake County students who dream of attending college but would not be able to do so otherwise. So for that reason alone, Pig on the Pond is a real accomplishment that benefits our hometowns for decades to come.

Each year, the Project Scholars Board of Directors and its event manager shoot for something new and exciting, and this year’s festival won’t disappoint. There are new headliner entertainers, a new Fall FunFest, Bunny-Petting Palace, Pro Wrestling matches, two BBQ contests and the return of America’s No. 1 carnival.

And it wouldn’t be Pig on the Pond without the pig races! This year, they have brought their adorable hot dog racing dachshund buddies.

Come out and support the dozens of local businesses who have stepped up to make this wonderful event possible.

Tickets and discounted ride wristbands can be purchased in advance at www.PigonthePond.org. Questions? Call 407-797-9393.

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