Muse Bar+Bistro was inspired by childhood memories of love, the dignity of service, and the power of community. Aaron Straub, in memory of his mother, was inspired to transition from the corporate world to the City of Clermont. With the support of his family, he gathered his closest friends and created Muse Bar+Bistro with the idea that the restaurant would fund a Community Day. A day where anyone could come and enjoy a delicious meal and exceptional service, no matter their income.

Together with his beautiful wife, Jennifer Powers, friend Jenny Cichoracki, and executive chef Bob Statler, they began to bring Aaron’s vision to life. Muse Bar+Bistro opened on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 

During regular business hours, for every glass of wine purchased, and every item sold, a portion of the profits go directly to the charity Muse Fights Hunger to feed families on Community Day Monday.

With the help of his charitable program director Desiree Haiflich the first Community Day on Monday, October 10, 2022, was a huge success! Some individuals and families come to donate. However, most come to have a dining experience they would not be able to have if it wasn’t for Community Day. These families have become part of the Muse family and are given excellent service by wonderful volunteers that sign up weekly to help serve the community.

From Muse Fights Hunger Community Day Mondays, another community need was discovered. Lake county has a large population of children and adults with disabilities; however, many services are not available for ages 18 and above. Seeing a need in the community, Muse Bar+Bistro is now approved to be a vocational training location for adults with disabilities. Muse will be working with Special Olympics and a local Vocational Training facility to bring in adults with disabilities to learn the hospitality business. From dishes to management, they will be offered an opportunity to thrive in a safe and friendly environment with encouragement and training to take them forward into their careers. 

Learn more about Muse Bar+Bistro at, or if you wish to donate to an amazing cause

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