Kim’s Cabbage Patch, a fruit stand and garden center on the corner of Route 50 and Fifth Street in Clermont, has been purchased by Jamie and Dustin Lowe, owners of Lake Catherine Blueberries.

The business is owned and operated by Kim Fielding and Suzi Basting, who purchased the Cabbage Patch in 2000 and have built an amazing following across Clermont and Central Florida. With their knowledge and experience in agriculture, they developed a strong business model and a dedicated customer base.

“We chose Jamie and Dustin as the up and coming Cabbage Patch kids,” said Kim. “When we began looking for a buyer for our business, we wanted to ensure that the new owners would be as committed to the community as we are, and would continue what we started. The Cabbage Patch is a happy, safe place where everyone is accepted, respected and honored for who they are and what they bring to the community. They are the perfect fit – the community is a priority for them, they have extensive agricultural experience and we know that they will carry our work to the next level. We’re excited to see what the future holds.”

Kim’s Cabbage Patch provides the highest quality farm fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, butter, jams and jellies, eggs, Amish-cured meat, and more, at competitive prices. Customers also find a wide assortment of plants, shrubs, and flowers, with a specialty in blooming perennials that attract butterflies. Kim and Suzi are dedicated to providing fresh food and plants as their business, but their true passion is and has been taking care of their community.

“God put us here to take care of each other,” said Suzi. “It is important to us to share our blessings with others. We are compelled to help others, from school groups, The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation, The American Legion and Chase Animal Rescue, to victims of Katrina, The Pulse Nightclub survivors and local families in need, because it matters. We have always helped our community and when COVID arrived, our neighbors were at our door supporting us. We’re ready to pass the business on now, but still plan to be involved. Jamie has jumped right in to learn everything she can and is becoming quite the expert.”

Jamie Lowe studied event planning at the University of Florida and has years of experience in corporate events. She currently runs a thriving catering business at Lake Catherine Blueberry Farm, the family-owned and operated U-Pick blueberry farm in Groveland, FL,
that she and Dustin, her husband, and family members run. Lake Catherine is known for their delicious blueberries and exciting events to include the annual Haunted Halloween Forest, Fall Mazes, Santa’s Enchanted Forest and most recently added, The Winter Wonderland Ice Skating. Jamie will run Kim’s Cabbage Patch and bring her passion for knowledge to the new venture.

“We know what a gem Kim’s Cabbage Patch is in our community and you don’t often find this kind of wonderful opportunity when you’re looking to buy a business,” said Jamie. “I appreciate what Kim and Suzi have created and plan to continue their efforts to honor the work and legacy they’ve developed. They have built a strong foundation that we can continue to build on as part of their legacy. I love their connection and commitment to helping others in the community, which is embedded in the business. They know their customers and their business inside and out, and we respect what they’ve accomplished. I continue to learn from these ladies and know they will continue to be a part the venture for years to come.”

For more information about Kim’s Cabbage Patch, visit them on Facebook. To learn more about Lake Catherine Blueberries, visit

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