During the holiday season, 42% of the homeless population in our city will be unsheltered. There will be no celebration, no gifts, no fresh food and no spirit of hope. You can change that! For the month of November, Find, Feed & Restore is teaming up with The Neighborhood Center to provide additional housing and food to families in need. You can have an impact with your business in many ways, including…

  • Round Up: ask your customers if they would like to round up their purchase as a donation for hunger and homelessness in our city. We will place a small tabletop graphic next to your POS.
  • Sales/Service Donation: For each service/sale, you can donate a certain amount as a company (each real estate sale, landscaping job, mortgage closed, house cleaning etc.)
  • Product Ad On: We will place a small key chain holder next to your POS with key chain sized donation cards for $0.50 cents, $1.00, $2,00 etc. They can select one, hand it to you at the Point of Sale and you can ad that amount onto their sale.

To sign up, or for more information, please contact Shannon Herrera at 813.833.9065.

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