Wilotree Park in Groveland will host a world championship hang gliding competition in the last half of April 2020.

Official Dates: April 19 – May 1

Location: Wilotree Park, 6548 Groveland Airport Road, Groveland, Florida. Located on State Hwy 33, 1.4 miles south of
State Hwy 50.

Participants: As of January 15 there are 83 competitors registered, representing 16 countries. This will be a team as well
as an individual championship in each of the four classes.

Spectators: The public is welcome to view the launch, generally from 12:30 to 2 pm on flying days. The Wilotree Park
office will have information on each day’s schedule. There will be some limited seating and some shade, but spectators
are encouraged to bring folding chairs. Cold drinks will be available for sale. Groveland Airport Road crosses an active
runway — please always obey all signs and directions and be alert to air traffic at all times.

Preliminary Schedule:
Sunday, April 19: Parade and Opening Ceremony 7pm, Lake David Park. Sponsored by the City of Groveland
Monday, April 20: Safety Briefing and Official Practice Day — launch open 12:30 pm weather permitting. There will be an
official rest day after six consecutive flying days.

Tuesday, April 21 through Thursday, April 30: Championship Flying Tasks — launch open 12:30 pm weather permitting
Friday, May 1: awards brunch and closing ceremony 10 am
Official Names: There will be four championships in this event:
2nd FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Sport Class
14th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships
9th FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Class 5
21st FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Class 2

Sanctioning Bodies:
FAI, the International Sport Aviation Federation
CIVL, the International Free Flight Commission
USHPA, the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Format: The competition is race-to-goal. Every day there is a new task set by a committee, generally designed so that
the winner should complete it in two to three hours. The pilot with the fastest time to goal is that day’s winner in each
class. The task may be a triangle or other pattern with waypoints, and with goal at Wilotree or at another designated
place. Pilots who do not arrive at goal score points for their distance. Tasks will generally be 50 to 100 miles.

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