Groveland’s Future Land Use Map ambitiously designates more than 50% of its land to conservation and agriculture. Out of all the city’s diverse environmental facets being preserved, trees are among the most critical factors in sustaining the vitality of thriving communities. In honor of its trees, the city will host its Inaugural Arbor Day Celebration Friday, April 30, from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. in Lake David Park, located at 450 South Lake Avenue in Groveland.

“Arbor Day is a time when we celebrate nature, and as the City with Natural Charm, we thoughtfully acknowledge that we derive much of our charm from our trees. Planting trees is more than an act of stewardship over our environment; it is a legacy practice,” says Groveland Mayor Evelyn Wilson.

City Councilmembers planted one 10-foot, 30-gallon Leyland Cypress Tree and one 11-foot, 100-gallon Bracken Brown Magnolia Tree at Lake David Park as part of last year’s socially distant Arbor Day observance. This year, 2021, the celebration will begin with a reading of an Arbor Day Proclamation by Mayor Wilson. At the reading’s conclusion, local youth from the Else Tomlin Center’s afterschool program will share their poster art and perspectives on what the value of trees means to them. The students will then assist Groveland Parks staff in planting two 8-foot, 30-gallon Holly Trees donated by Cherrylake Tree Farm.

Mark Pester from Backyard Farm Express will provide guests with an insightful overview of alternative ways to grow plants. Mark currently oversees operations at the Groveland Aquaponics Farm. The celebration will conclude with Arbor Day items given to the children. The children will also receive a free treat from Kona Ice.

For more information on this event, please follow the City’s Facebook page @CityofGroveland, or visit for detailed updates.

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