On March 8th at 6 p.m. FWC will host a meeting at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden to discuss hydrilla in Lake Apopka.

Hydrilla is an exotic, invasive aquatic weed that blocks sunlight, depletes oxygen, crowds out native vegetation, impedes navigation, and hinders flood management.

Lake Apopka is at risk of undoing much of its restoration efforts due to the hydrilla in the lake. At present, more than 10,000 acres of the 30,000 acre lake are infested with hydrilla.

Friends of Lake Apopka is encouraging people to attend and voice concern about the amount of hydrilla in the lake currently and the lack of a plan to control it going forward. Last year, FWC effectively treated 6,600 acres of hydrilla. FOLA is urging treatment of at least 8,000 acres in Spring 2023.

Once treated, SJRWMD intends to replace the invasive weeds with native aquatic vegetation, which we believe is critical to continue the restoration of the lake and preserve the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the lake’s health. Please plan to attend and support controlling this invasive species.

For questions on this meeting, please have them reach out to Amanda Nethero – amanda@newheightscomm.com.

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