With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the one seasonal tradition everyone enjoys … cooking. Whether it’s a juicy Thanksgiving turkey, ham, or roast, or your family’s favorite dessert recipe, this time of year would not be the same without the cherished dishes that make it extra special.

At Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGO), holiday cooking with natural gas is a tradition the entire team enjoys. Did you know that 90 percent of professional chefs prefer natural gas for cooking? Then, why don’t you let natural gas be your energy of choice for cooking all those family favorites?

This year, ahead of the festive season, LANGO wants to remind its community members of the value and benefits of cooking with natural gas, some of which include:

• Design Options – Natural gas appliances come in many shapes and sizes. From the traditional freestanding range, which includes a stovetop and an oven, to built-in ranges that can fit between cabinet spaces, there is truly a natural gas appliance for everyone.

• Sealed Burners – Most natural gas stoves come equipped with sealed burners, which are available in several different sizes to support multiple cooking functions and allow for controlled temperatures.

• Temperature Control – Precision temperature control takes you from a boil to a simmer in a flash. Natural gas heat contains more moisture than no-gas which leads to better quality baking. Even heat makes for better results. Plus, you’ll never shuffle another pan with instant on/off. Continue to enjoy home-cooking and save – even when the power goes out!

• Easy Cleanup – When cooking with natural gas, several features allow for quick and easy cleanup. During the holiday season, natural gas can help decrease your cleaning time and increase your family time. Features like removable control knobs, porcelain drip pans under the burners and a raised edge around the cooktop to keep spills under control reduce your time spent cleaning the kitchen.

In your family, you might be the master chef or the designated taste tester. Either way, with additional benefits like controlled temperatures and instant heat, natural gas cooking is a simple process that nearly anyone can follow. These perks are amplified at the holidays. Did you know that Americans consume more than 46 million turkeys at Thanksgiving alone? The average household using a gas-powered oven will spend about 50 cents to cook its turkey as compared to $1.00 per turkey with an electric oven.

Your favorite holiday meals and delicious treats are so close you can taste them. Are you ready to make the switch? Throughout the holiday season and beyond, LANGD is committed to providing reliable natural gas service to every home and business it serves. Install a new natural gas range in your home during the holiday season from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2020, and you could qualify for an account credit of $125; or, have LANGD connect your new natural gas range at no charge. To learn more, call the LANGD marketing team at {407) 656-2734, ext. 307 or email marketing@langd.org or visit www.langd.org.

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