The Clermont City Council seat previously held by the late Ray Goodgame has been filled.

The council appointed former Council Member Keith Mullins to Seat 2 at the Aug. 13 council meeting. Effective immediately, Mullins will serve for the next few months, until the winner of the Nov. 5 General Municipal Election takes office.

“We appreciate Mr. Mullins stepping in to help,” Clermont Mayor Gail Ash said. “This will allow us to take care of pressing city business without a learning curve because he sat on the council before.”

Mullins served from 1999-2017 on Seat 4, was on the Planning & Zoning Board prior to that, and has lived in Clermont since 1988. He opened the retail wine store Bacchus Vino Etcetera in 2004 in Downtown Clermont. He’s also the current treasurer and past president of the South Lake Kiwanis Club; treasurer of the Clermont Downtown Partnership; and a board member of the South Lake Animal League.

“I am pleased and honored to be able to serve Clermont during this transitional time until a new council member can be seated,” Mullins said. “It’s exciting to see projects we started a couple of years ago finally coming to completion.”

Goodgame served the citizens of Clermont for 15 years in Seat 2. He passed away on July 28 at 85. His current term was set to expire in November. “If a vacancy for Seats 1, 2, 4 or 5 occurs within a six-month period prior to a general election, the council shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy until the general election at which time the seat will be up for election,” according to the City Charter.

Clermont City Council seat terms are for two years and are staggered with Seats 1, 3 and 5 up for election in even years and Seats 2 and 4 in odd years. Election Qualifying closed on June 21 for Seats 2 and 4. The city of Clermont is governed by five elected city council members and City Manager Darren Gray in a Council-Manager form of government Information about the November election can be found at


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