GROVELAND, Fla. – Cherrylake will be kicking off their Farm Days series by hosting a community u-pick event with food trucks, speciality mixed drinks, kids activities, a native pollinator garden, farm tractor rides, an artisan marketplace and special access to u-pick fresh Florida tangerines in the grove. The event will take place from 10am – 4pm on Saturday November 19 & 26, and December 3 & 10. It is free and open to the public during the peak season for this citrus variety.

The grove that is being opened up to the community for this Farm Days u-pick event is an easy-peel, low seeded tangerine variety that is only grown in Florida. This variety sets itself apart from other tangerines due to its exceptional taste and high juice content. Cherrylake will also be selling fresh Florida red and white grapefruit and oranges from their groves in Indian River County.

“We are a working farm with activity 24/7 to keep our crops growing and thriving. It’s a real treat to be able to take a break and invite the community to experience the beauty of the farm,” said Chloe Gentry, Co-CEO of Cherrylake and IMG Citrus.

Cherrylake has been farming the land in Groveland for over 40 years and is one of the largest ornamental tree farms and fresh Florida citrus growers in North America. Owned by the Sallin Family and in its 2nd generation of family leadership. Now three siblings lead the operations as Co-CEOs, in the footsteps of their parents who first purchased farmland in the early 1980s.

The land was originally all citrus groves. The freezes of 1983 and 1985 devastated the groves, and the Sallin Family decided to diversify their risk as farmers by planting a different crop. Today, the farm is a leading grower of ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs and palms, but also continues to farm citrus in Groveland and other parts of the Sunshine State.

“Each time we’ve opened up the farm to the local community, we have had so much fun and have been so inspired by the connections that are made on the farm,” said Gentry. Cherylake has hosted the Farm Races since 2018, a unique experience for professional and amateur athletes to run the clay trails of the farm and bike the iconic hills of Cherry Lake Road.

Chloe and her family are hopeful to continue to offer more and more opportunities like this U-Pick Farm Days. ”We want to share the farm with others, provide opportunities for families and friends to have fun and connect with nature”, Chloe explains. “And hopefully go home refreshed and inspired by the beauty of the farm.”

For more information on Cherrylake Farm Days U-Pick event, contact Michelle Tedder at Find us on Facebook at Farm Days at Cherrylake and Instagram @cherrylakefarmdays.  Full resolution images

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