CareerSource Central Florida is offering three tracks this summer. The program is open to High School students ages 15-19. The Explore track is the only track available for 15 year-olds. All three tracks will help students prepare for their futures and provide them with an opportunity to earn money during the summer.

Accelerate: (Lake-Tech is offering Coding, Healthcare, and Construction)
4 to 5 week career training course on a specific area of focus related to in-demand industries. This year we have a course in:
Computer Coding, Healthcare, Construction, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Hospitality/Culinary
Students in this program have the ability to earn up to $1,000 in incentives.

Students can participate in Work Experience internships working at area businesses for 5 weeks during the summer. Students can work up to 30 hours a week and make $10 an hour.

Explore: (the only track that offers opportunities to 15 year-olds)
Students in the Explore program will have the opportunity a variety of career fields and education options during the four week course. They will also discover the skills need to be successful in post-secondary education. Through this track, students will have their preconceived notions about post-secondary education challenged, and leave confident that they can succeed.
Students in this program have the ability to earn up to $1,000 in incentives.

The link for students to apply for the summer program:

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