Dear Friends of Building Blocks Ministries,

I’m writing today to ask for your support. You have been a faithful supporter over the past few years and I truly appreciate you. I’m asking for you to help us collect shoes! Yes, your gently worn, used or new shoes. We are partnering with a local Orlando organization Funds2Orgs to complete a fundraiser project to support our Day Training Program. All donated shoes will be redistributed to microenterprise partners through Funds2Orgs, a for-profit social enterprise, and used in developing nations for impoverished people to start their own businesses.

Our fundraiser kicks off on Monday, March 1st and runs through Friday, April 30th.

As you know, every day, we empower adults with developmental disabilities to take one more step in achieving the things that are important to them, were it not for Building Blocks Ministries (BBM) they would not have the support they need to reach their goals. The Classroom/Community Trainers at Building Blocks Ministries (BBM) have made it their mission to engage adults with developmental disabilities in training designed to support individual achievements. Training is provided in four key areas; Community Involvement, Exploring Work, Health & Wellness and Life Skills Training. BBM also has Community Partnerships that enhance training opportunities for those attending the program.

BBM, 501c3 nonprofit organization is a Medicaid Waiver Provider for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. As a provider, we are required to raise a 12.5% match for funds that are billed to the waiver for services provided. This means that for every $100,000 we bill, we must raise $12,500 toward our Day Training Program operating budget. You can help us by donating your gently worn, used or new shoes. Our goal is to collect at a minimum 2,500 pairs of shoes.
Shoes can be dropped off to us at: 548 S Highway 27, Suite C, Minneola, FL. If you have several pairs of shoes we can arrange to pick them up, just call me at 352-536-9264. At the end of our Shoe Drive Funds2Orgs will issue us a check based on the overall weight of all the shoes collected. These funds will support our annual operating budget.

Please share the details with your co-workers, neighbors, family and friends. With your help, we are confident that we will achieve or exceed our goal. Thank you for helping us! I appreciate your help.

Paula Whetro
Executive Director
Building Blocks Ministries

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