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When some individuals think of kickboxing, what comes to mind is a grueling physical match with an opponent. Often, the idea of getting hit can ignite fear causing one to refrain from their journey of kickboxing. “Get fit, without getting hit,” said Dan and Christina Maradiaga, owners of 9 Round in Clermont, FL.  9Round is a membership based, 30-minute kickbox fitness center that utilizes technology that enhances the efficiency of training.

Included in membership are 9Round gloves, hand wraps and a Pulse heart rate monitor. The trainers at 9Round monitor their clients heart rate during their session to avoid burn out while tracking performance. “There is no sparing,” said Dan. This concept allows individuals the ability to build confidence, strength, and endurance all while having fun. 9Round takes the art of kickboxing, combines it with fitness, all the while giving their clients a well-rounded experience through increasing skill and burning calories.

“Workouts change daily, no scheduled class times, and it starts when you walk in,” said Christina. Customers can take advantage of a free full workout with no obligations during their first experience at 9Round. A trainer will be on the floor to assist during each station and show you all the moves. 9Round also associates kickbox fitness with nutritional health. Members receive exclusive access to nutritional tips that encourage “eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts.”

Dan and Christina, originally from New Jersey, moved their family to Florida three and a half years ago, and currently resides in South Lake County. With over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Dan discovered his passion in mix martial arts through wrestling, jujitsu, and powerlifting. Christina built her experience through administrative efforts that led to the success of organizations she has joined. Their love for fitness led them to this journey with 9Round in early 2020. Combining their experience and passion enables them to be an unstoppable force in the South Lake Community.

During this Holiday season, gift certificates and gift baskets are available for purchase. Take advantage of all the benefits 9Round offers and schedule your first free workout today when you visit


4300 S. Hwy. 27 Unit 105

Clermont, FL 34711

Phone: 352-988-5311



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